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At 114 degrees it burns moderately and is not advertised as a drinking rum. However, if you can’t get enough hogo in your life, go ahead and drink. Pineapple comes first, followed by other ripe fruits, black berries, brown sugar, molasses, and caramel. I don’t know how they do this without additives, but it’s amazing. There is fire in the sip, but it quickly turns into a medium-soft and sweet finish. The funk is there too, but not too much and the fruit definitely dominates the funk.

  • I will not refuse if offered to me directly, but no buyback for me.
  • At 114 degrees it burns moderately and is not advertised as a drinking rum.
  • That being said, I highly recommend Smith and Cross if your into Jamaican style rums.

We have to try Smith & Cross because it’s a big player in the industry and has flavors so much better than Myers rum without the intense, dark explosion of alcohol you get from this brand. While this is not exactly complex, it is simply a beautiful cocktail. Everything fits together perfectly, the esters overlay the combined bitter notes of Campari and wormwood.

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The nose still has a strong hint of esters, which have been softened a bit. There are also some nice fruity notes of Campari and wormwood. The sip begins with an almost syrupy sweetness that transitions to an explosion of esters, fruits, bitterness, and spices and continues through to the end with a long, slow decay. I learned that this was a “high ester” rum and that these esters came from the distillery’s use of Dunder.

Smith And Cross Rum Review

However, Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum is well worth the review time here at CMC because it brings so much to the table, including the blast in the intensity of the navy. This rum has a funk that is noticeable the second you inhale it. There are some traditional barrel-aged flavors like brown sugar and vanilla at the bottom that create a base, but what really stands out is that spicy note, which I think can best be described as rotten mangoes. And I’m not saying this in a negative sense – you get a super sweet, overripe version of the flavor that you would expect in the fruit once it starts to spin. In addition, there is also a deeper and darker note, which is reinforced by the barrel maturation and comes closer to the yeast tone that comes from a fermentation tank. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Jamaican rum was revered for its deep, full flavors and pleasant aromas.

Cocktail Chemistry

Distilled in the Hampden Distillery in Jamaica, it is a mixture of two rum styles, Plummer and Wedderburn, which are at different points on the funkiness scale. Pineapple dominates and there is grape, banana and a rich brown sugar. There is alcohol on the nose, but not as much as I expected from a young man with 57% ABV, and a bit of that Jamaican funk too, but not much.

Smith & Cross, named after two 18th century London rum dealers, takes great pride in its funk. It’s bottled at navy strength with no cold filtration, so this thing should be a full-throttle taste bomb after all. Appleton is another player in the field bringing spicy flavors of Jamaican style rum to your mouth.

Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum Review

That brings out the funk a bit more, but at the expense of watering down the fruit. In one sip, this is probably the most complex and interesting rum I’ve ever had. At first there are some baking spices, plus some sweet and sugary molasses, but this quickly develops with the expected vanilla and takes on some fruity notes. I try some apple, mango, banana, and apricot there, all of which are tempered with some oak and leather to add depth and complexity.

A strong rival from Pusser for my favorite rum so far. It no longer needs to mature, it already has an abundance of suppleness and flavor. My only criticism is that this doesn’t make a good mojito and mojitos are my favorite rum-based cocktail, but then again, I don’t usually expect this type of rum to be good in a mojito.

Worthy Park 10 Years Special Cask Madeira Jamaica Rum

Let’s start with whoever said he was drinking is just a lying ship sack. I like fat rums, which is why I’m a huge meerrum fan. It’s like watching your good friend finally get a girlfriend and she’s Kate Upton, it’s like waiting for your first kiss and you get a third base.

Smith And Cross Rum Review

A funky, powerful and spicy rum in the Jamaican style, which is deceptively soft despite its high alcohol content. Those are the exact notes and aroma that I get. Very sweet, slightly floral and also flavored with brown sugar, which has been caramelized with a hint of vanilla, a hint of wood and a hint of ripe brown banana. The best and worst thing about Smith and Cross is that it’s delicious and deceptively smooth. Despite the strong 114 proof, this is an easy-to-drink rum.

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Esters come from a number of points in the production chain, particularly fermentation. They are volatile molecules and therefore go from the finished mash to the distillate. Some are also developed with age, depending on the barrel. The production of esters increases significantly if the dunder is still in use. Smith & Cross Pure Pot Still Traditional Jamaica Rum is excellent on its own, but not mixed.

This means that the flavors are very robust, you don’t have to look for details as everything is clear and straightforward. There is also an excellent balance on the palate: the sip begins with a pleasant but not overwhelming sweetness, then oscillates by almost 180º in dry ester and pepper. This switch reminds me a lot of Highland Park 12. One of the most popular rums in the mixology and tiki community, Smith & Cross is revered for bringing back the funky, high-hogo style of rum that has unfortunately been missing for many years.

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