Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are both famous wines with different characteristics found in New Zealand, France, and a variety of other regions.

The one thing that binds both wines is their exquisite taste and rich composition. However, to understand the debate of sauvignon blanc vs. pinot grigio and what sets these wines apart, you will have to get in-depth of their composition.

There is a wide range of white wines, and many people have very little information about them. Other than the two mentioned above, there are chardonnay wines which are also another type of white wine.

difference in Sauvignon Blanc vs Pinot Grigio Wines

Chardonnay has been widely compared with the other two wines. However, we will not be discussing Chardonnay but highlighting the differences between the other two wines, their grape processing, and their region.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine that is available in many different styles, like the Cabernet Sauvignon. Though it is found in several regions, the emergence of the first Sauvignon Blanc was in New Zealand.

That is why New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is considered one of the favorites of wine makers worldwide. Another famous wine is the Sancerre found in Loire Valley in France.

Menetou Salon, Loire Valley is quite well-known for this iconic white wine which has been on the world wine list for decades. Sancerre is said to have gooseberry aromas, flinty-smoke taste, and acidity.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, on the other hand, is said to be fermented in Stainless Steel and is unoaked.

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The white wine has a rich, acidic taste and contains ripe herbaceous aromas of grape, gooseberry, lime, and grapefruit. It is always advisable for people who wish to try classy Sauvignon Blanc to try out the barrel-aged white wine.

The style of wine contains flavors of butter, lemon curd, lemon oil, and creme brulee. There is also a very creamy texture which is derived from oxidation and oak-aging.

Sauvignon Blanc is widely available in Chile, Australia, South of France, South Africa, Italy, the USA, and another region with high yields.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio, on the other hand, has a very neutral and subtle aroma. It is nothing like the rich, exciting aroma of Sauvignon Blanc. The aroma is the main difference between both these wines. Another difference is that the Pinot Grigio is not as widely available as its competitor.

Pinot Grigio is also known as Pinot Gris, the difference being how the winemaker has made the wine. For making Pinot Grigio, the Italian style of dry and crisp technique is adopted. The wine is fermented in a Stainless Steel barrel with no oak-aging and a low level of alcohol.

However, the Pinot Gris is made in French Gris style, which is then processed through malolactic fermentation, aged on dead yeast or lees for some time, which enhances the aroma. Due to the production process, the Pinot Gris may be slightly more aromatic than the Pinot Grigio.

You can easily match any type of food item with Pinot Grigio. When in Italy you will find most authentic food menu variety would go well with the wine.

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Key Differences Between Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio

Key Differences Between Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio

As already mentioned, the key difference between both these wines is their aroma. While Sauvignon Blanc has a rich aroma, Pinot Grigio has a very subtle aroma. Another thing is that the varieties of grapes used in both these wines.

The grapes also belong to different regions, which results in the variable taste between these two. However, both these wines can be given slightly sweet flavors if the harvesting of the grapes can be done at a later stage with the residual sugars being left behind.

Pinot Grigio has a dry, neutral, and crisp taste with light flavors and acidity like a green apple, lemon, or lime. Therefore, the wine is mostly used for cleansing the user’s palette in between different courses.

Since the wine is very dry, any strong food will not overpower the presence of light notes of the wine. However, you cannot combine this alcohol with steak, but you can with fish and pasta.

Sauvignon Blanc, on the other hand, is available in many different styles. This is also a dry white wine and can sometimes be drier than its competitor. This wine has forward aromatics and notes and hence is served with something light such as fish and salads.

The notes and flavors of Sauvignon Blanc can range from citrus/lime to low ripe grape or peach. It is combined with peach when the grape is at a mature harvesting stage.

There are other aromatics of the wine that are slightly more herbaceous in nature, such as jalapeno, grass, or bell pepper flavors. The New Zealand or California sauvignon blanc grape has a residual sugar that makes it slightly sweet than the standard dry and acidity varieties. These white wines are mostly used as a dessert wine than any other.

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Summing Up – Sauvignon Blanc vs Pinot Grigio

The Sauvignon Blanc and Pino9t Grigio grapes are of different types but with a sweet taste. Depending on how they are produced, the taste can differ. The Sauvignon Blanc can be combined with passion fruit, peach, or any other fruit flavors.

This wine is also called the Wid White in the South of France and is widely famous in Italy. However, even Pinot Grigio has its roots in France region, among other places. Both these wines have fruit notes with acidity flavors and dryness.

The alcohol flavor will depend on the variety of grapes and fruits that is being used. Depending on the processing of the grape, even the alcohol level will vary. You can also pair these wines with different foods, which will enhance their flavors further.

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