It is always important to pay attention to the labels; they carry essential information such as the origin of the wine, the food that can be paired with it, and the notes it contains. However, Prophecy wines have labels that carry an even deeper meaning. Each label of the Prophecy wine is full of colors and contains necessary information.

These beautiful labels are designed by a Hong Kong-based illustrator, Victo Ngai. Victo Ngai has also been listed by Forbes ’30 under 30′ in the illustrators’ category. The Prophecy wine labels have a rich mythology and feature different Tarot cards, priests, and priestesses. Every label of the Prophecy wine carries a double meaning.

The priest and priestesses are supposed to be from the region the wine originated in. For example, the Sauvignon Blanc, which originated in New Zealand, comes with a label that has the High Priestess on it. The label shows that the High Priestess is guarding the unconscious and has a green robe on. She is surrounded by various fruits, which are the main flavors of the wine.

The concept is innovative and creative, but symbolic labels are not enough to catch the customer’s eye on their own. However, Prophecy wine is part of a growing trend and changing the way we drink wine and think about it. In this article, we will review those trends and the Prophecy wine brand. We will also let you know whether Prophecy wine is worth investing in or not.

Prophecy Wine Brand Review

Why is the Wine Industry Changing?

Some wine enthusiasts may be surprised by the sudden changes that the wine industry is going through, but the fact is, the industry is moving towards new trends for a while now. Unfortunately, we can’t pinpoint the significant trends or the main reason behind these abrupt changes, but winemakers are now targeting the youth, especially the millennials.

However, the evolution of the wine business is still not complete, as a large portion of winemakers are still targeting the older generation, Gen X. People that belong in Gen X are older than 37 but younger than 52. Generation X is the key and has the potential to drive the growth of the wine industry.

What is changing?

wine changing

Many aspects of the wine industry are going through changes, such as changes in methods of selling the wine. That does not mean that the old ways were wrong or are now outdated, but the wine itself is getting diverse. Most wines are approachable, affordable, and accessible in the modern age, mainly due to online markets.

Some Big Changes

  • The emergence of online marketing has enabled winemakers to change their selling techniques vastly. Now, most wine brands have an online store that sells wines of different varieties.
  • There is a sharp increase in the varieties of wine blends, especially fruity-flavored blends, sparkling wines, and light-bodied wines.
  • Changes in the packaging of wines, while the bottle is still the most common form of packaging, some companies do sell wine in cans. This is because tin cans attract more attention from the younger generation and are more durable than bottles.
  • Labels and changes in market strategies have also shifted the trend of the wine industry. Now companies market their wine as an energetic, fun, and vibrant products, and labels reflect different cultures. All these tactics have made wine more appealing to the youth.

Other Changes and Challenges Faced by the Winemaking Industry

There is no doubt that the trends in the wine industry are changing, but there are also several challenges being faced by the wine industry. One of the biggest challenges is climate, and the climate of the planet is changing abruptly due to climate change. Go on the internet and search; every winemaker or grape grower is worried about the constant climate changes.

So many climatic changes devastate entire crops of grapes, and the farmers face massive losses. Climate changes such as global warming, early rainfall, heatwaves, and the early arrival of winter are destroying the plantation of grapes. However, some changes are being proposed:

  • Introduce new varieties of grapes: Terrior is considered part of a long tradition. However, farmers have no other choice; they need to grow other varieties of grapes as well that can withstand harsh weather conditions and not focus on just a single variety.
  • Terror wines are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, which is why winemakers are shifting towards wine blends.
  • Different techniques of harvesting: Due to climate changes, harvesting of grapes takes place earlier nowadays. Farmers need to think of other methods of planting grapes.

What Do These Changes Have to Do With Prophecy Wines?

Prophecy wines are trying to keep the old tradition of winemaking alive; we will go into the details in a bit; the company sells wines produced in different regions worldwide. Prophecy wines are sold in glass bottles that come with vibrant, creative, and attractive labels. The main focus of Prophecy wines is the youth.

What to Look for in Prophecy Wines?

What to Look for in Prophecy Wines

Whenever we offer reviews on wine, we try to be impartial and fair, and we believe wine brands should always deliver quality products.

  • History and reputation of the company, and if possible, also the history of sales.
  • Philosophy of the company
  • Customer policies, like refunds and contact information
  • Wine Selection
  • Price of the wines
  • Overall quality
  • Other products
  • Rating and reviews by the customers

Are the Prophecy Wines worth Investing In?

Mission and Theme

Most winemakers or vineyards have a philosophy or a goal that they try to work towards. Prophecy wines put a lot of emphasis on the beauty of the wine, and they put a lot of effort into the labels as well.

The mission of Prophecy wines is to explain the artwork done on the labels. The company believes that the artwork represents ‘taste, culture, and complexity’ of the wine. However, their mission statement does not elaborate a lot on the wine and its characteristics. Also, they claim that they are fourth among the top wine brands, which is just an exaggeration.

Customer Response

wine Customer Response

Most Prophecy wines get an average rating of 3 or 4 out of 5, the reviews are usually great, and the feedback is positive. They offer six varieties of wine (French Rose, California Cabernet Sauvignon, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Red Blend, Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio, and California Pinot Noir), and four of those six are usually given a healthy rating. The Prophecy wines are pleasant, drinkable, and more towards the dry side.

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