Few things in the world come too close to a signature glass of wine. However, the food eaten, with the wine also makes a big difference and adds to the experience. Stable Hands is a restaurant based in Charlotte that offers dishes from all across the globe, such as Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

The Charlotte-based restaurant also offers some of the finest wines and markets itself as a place where people can gather and have a good time. The restaurant was opened in 2020 during a raging global pandemic and immediately garnered praise from the local news and media outlets.

The wine sold at Stable Hand is natural and has an authentic flavor. The natural wine trend has been picking up speed these past few years, whether it is Sparkling wine or a glass of Malbec, people are naturally attracted to authentic flavors.

How to Find the Best Natural Wine

How to Find the Best Natural Wine

What is Natural Wine?

The world ‘Natural Wine’ isn’t necessarily defining a specific wine because all varieties of wine are natural. However, naturally crafted wine has a slightly different manufacturing process than other varieties of wine. Below is a detailed discussion about the difference between normal, natural, and organic wine, so that the readers get clarity.

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Normal Wine

The majority of the wine that is sold is Normal wine, better known as conventional wine. Conventional wine is usually sold through grocery stores and online websites such as wine.com. This wine has preservatives and, in some cases, might even include artificial flavoring; in other words, it is not pure.

However, normal wine is quite diverse; the taste, flavor, production method, quality, and price vary significantly. Normal wine also contains a high content of sulfite, and sugar is added to it during fermentation. Normal wine also goes through acidification, a process that balances the flavor of the wine.

Natural Wine

natural wine

The term Natural wine is part of a general category, and in fact, most winemakers don’t like using the term at all as the category is quite broad. Other terms often used for Natural wine are raw wine, naked wine, and low-intervention wine.

Normal wine is made of grapes, whereas Natural wine is made of grapes that are grown without the help of pesticides and fertilizers. Also, during the process of fermentation, no sugar and preservatives are added to the natural wine. Sulfite is usually not part of natural wine, but some wineries might add a small quantity.

Organic Wine

organic wine

There are obvious similarities between Organic wine and Natural wine; however, organic wine goes through a much stricter process of inspection. Organic wine is produced and sold by wineries that are ‘Organic Certified.’

The grapes used to make Organic wine are grown without pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, organic wine is free of sulfite and contains no preservatives. As a result, organic wine is truly natural and authentic, whereas not all natural wines are organic.

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How to Distinguish Between Natural and Normal Wine?


Natural wines come with different labels that are called Biodynamic labels. Most wines that are manufactured in Europe have a Biodynamic label. Apart from labels, there are also certifications, such as Demeter Certification, which guarantees that the wine is being produced through a natural process and all the ingredients are natural.

Vin Methode Nature’s is a designation that started in 2020 in France that has imposed stricter rules on vineyards, as now it requires the grapes to be organically grown. 

Sustainability Certification

Natural wine is also considered sustainable, and wine with a sustainability certificate comes from a healthy environment. Although wines considered sustainable might not be organic, they are still made from grapes free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Independent Associations

In some cases, the vineyards do not put in the extra effort and don’t get their wine labeled organic. Independent associations give approvals to vineyards, and although they can be stricter, they are unbiased and impartial. Some independent associations are Vignaioli and Terroir Marche.

How to Find the Best Natural Wine: Top Picks in 2021

My Picks: Natural Wine

The problem of finding natural wine still exists, despite such an extensive criteria. Most drinkers are just not aware of the specifications and fail to research before buying natural wine. However, below are some natural wines that consumers can easily get from the market or online stores.


Vivant is one of the best natural wines; the wine is free of preservatives and pesticides and comes from different vineyards in France, such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Paullic, and Margaux. Although this wine can cost you from $ 23 to $ 445, it comes from vineyards that have an organic certification. The wine also comes with a Biodynamic label.

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Chateau Belgrave 2011

Chateau Belgrave

The Chateau Bellegrave is an organic wine; it has a flavor that contains truffle undercurrents and has an earthly tone. This wine is a combination of two different wines as it contains 75 % Merlot and 15 % Cabernet Franc blend. This wine is perfect with meat and veggie dishes, and it can cost you up to $ 80.  

Lingua Franca, Avni Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills 2017

This wine is made from Pinot Noir grapes; it has an aromatic and expressive flavor. This wine also has floral notes, it also contains the flavor of fruits, and its tone is earthy. This wine is natural, and the drinkers have praised its freshness. The total cost of this wine is around $ 40. This natural wine also comes with a Biodynamic label and has light tannins.

Summing it up

Usually, wine drinkers that are health conscious are always looking for organic wine. We have given those health-conscious individuals a choice; now, they can easily buy organic and natural wine.

Natural wine has a different taste, so you will need to get used to it, but its flavor is authentic, it is made of organically grown grapes, and is environmentally friendly. Natural wines are also free of preservatives, contains very little sulfite and is sustainable.

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