Finding the right wine for your family celebrations is not an easy task at all. There are different types of wine that you could select from, but many people do not know which is the best type of wine.

If you share the same confusion, we can help you choose an authentic wine that would be the perfect fit for your family tradition.

Chardonnay is a type of white wine that was manufactured in Burgundy. There are different flavors of wine like oak, butter, and vanilla. When buying chardonnay, you could choose any style that you like. One such chardonnay wine is the Butter Chardonnay, a Californian chardonnay. This Californian chardonnay stands true to its name and has a buttery taste with a subtle creaminess.

Butter Chardonnay review and buying guide

The butter chardonnay is a product of Jam Cellars, a well-known winery in California, United States. The price of the chardonnay is quite affordable. Moreover, you will find this item providing value for money with its exquisite flavor.

This label of Jam Cellars is one of the best items for which we have provided detailed reviews in this article.

California Butter Chardonnay White Wine Review

California Butter Chardonnay White Wine Review

A 5-star product of the Jam cellar winery, butter chardonnay is luscious, rich, and bold. This is formed in the tradition of high-end Californian wine making. The grapes that are chosen for the wine making burst with flavor and are ripe and juicy.

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This chardonnay goes through cold ferment to bring the creaminess along with an oak blend. The wine also has a vanilla finish combined with baked lemon and stone fruit notes.

The butter chardonnay’s flavor is so creamy that it feels like it’s melting in your mouth. You can taste the vanilla finish and all the other notes present in this wine. Even with such amazing taste, the price of the wines is not very high.

Even skeptical people about chardonnay winners will love the California wines by Jam Cellars, which has some great reviews. You can use this wine for everyday drinking since it is very food-friendly. Another thing about this cold ferment wine is that it should be consumed crisp and chilled.

The Flavor of The Jam Cellars Chardonnay

The Flavor of The Jam Cellars Chardonnay

The Jam Cellars 5-star item comes with variable notes that would melt in your mouth and give you an amazing feeling. This vintage item is made from ripe grapes whose notes you can feel with every sip. The California Chardonnay is a very aromatic drink with notes of tropical pineapple and ripe pear.

You will also find spicy hints of nutmeg and clove, along with slight acidity from oak tannins. Depending on what food you are paring this wine with, the taste and notes may feel different.

Food Pairing

Food Pairing

Not all wines go well with all types of food. There are some specific dishes that you should opt for certain wines. When considering Butter Chardonnay, it is better to choose items that are not very savory or spicy and have delicate flavors. This is because the chardonnay’s taste is very buttery, which will go well with buttery food.

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To be on the safe side, you could look for dishes with mild, creamy, and buttery sauces that would complement the wine’s silky finish. Some of the best dishes that you could pair with this drink would be Grilled Chicken Breast combined with Garlic and Lemon or Crab Cakes with Spicy Remoulade. You could also try other dishes like Light Spicy Shrimps, Pasta with light cheese, or fish made with a buttery sauce.

If you like spicy food and want to pair your wines with them, make sure that the flavor does not overwhelm the wine’s buttery texture. The spice level should be kept very light, enough to tingle your taste buds and not over-sweeten your mouth.

Bottom Line – Butter Chardonnay Review

Jam Cellars chardonnay has a 5-star rating, amazing reviews, and comes at a very affordable price. You can order this drink from the official website, you need to provide the delivery address, and it will be sent to your doorstep.

No matter what wine you have had in the past, the butter chardonnay will surely make a space in your alcoholic beverage list. This amazing drink is the right choice for every family get-together. There are many other 5-star products of this winery which you can find on their official website.

For more information about their products, you could contact them with your email address.

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