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Bogle wines are an elegant brand of Wine; a winery produces them in California that is run by the Bogle family. The Wine has a rich history, and you can judge that by taking a sip, the flavor is unmatched. The winemakers put a lot of effort into the wine, which is why Bogle wine is in a class of its own.

Paying a visit to the Winery is a must for every wine enthusiast, and the overall experience is top-notch. Bogle wine is also easily available; you could purchase it from wine stores throughout America, so don’t be disheartened if you failed to visit the Winery.

Bogle Wine Brand Review

Bogle Winery

Before we discuss the details regarding the types of wines, let’s first shed some light on Bogle winery and vineyards that is run by the Bogle family. Unfortunately, there is a prevailing perception about vineyards; they are considered small and poorly run operations.

However, Bogle winery and vineyards are anything but poorly run; in fact, they have been in business for more than five decades. The Winery is also a comfortable and relaxing place, the kind of environment people enjoy, especially while drinking Wine. Wine drinking is a family affair and an intimate experience.

The Bogle winery started when a Bogle family member traveled from Tennessee to California in 1870 to start a farm. The Bogle family grew different fruits such as pear, berries, and peaches on the farm. However, once the great depression arrived, the third generation of the Bogle family lost the land.

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However, the fourth generation of the Bogle family got things back on track, as a family member who returned after serving in the 2nd World War planted the first grapes for wine-making. By 1968, the Bogle family had a ranch that included twenty acres of grape plantation. The ranch produced grapes for wineries for over a decade.

In 1978, the Bogle family sold wine under their label and built the ‘Bogle Winery’ in 1979, which exists even today. Today three siblings from the six-generation of the Bogle family run the Bogle Winery. The distribution network of the Bogle winery has grown over the years, and their Wine reaches nearly every corner of the country.

Types of Wines in Bogle Winery

Types of Wines in Bogle Winery

Bogle produces over a dozen wines, unlike other wineries that usually produce two to three varieties of wine. Bogle winery has such a diverse production of Wine because of their experience of growing different types of grapes. The Bogle family grows grapes on the farmland, but they also buy grapes from vineyards to maintain their wine quality.

Regions that sell the grapes to the Bogle family winery are located in California, places like Sonoma, Russian river valley, Lodi, El Dorado, and Oakley. In total, the Bogle family has more than 1800 acres of grapes, and they put in the effort to ensure that the grapes are top-quality.



The variety of Chardonnay produced by Bogle wineries is barrel fermented and is aged nine months in oak barrels. The wine has a sustainability certificate and takes a lot of dedication and effort to produce. The process of producing Chardonnay is complex and technical.

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The Rose wine produced by the Bogle winery has the right quantity of effervescence and looks lovely. This colorful wine has a crisp flavor and can be paired with desserts and appetizers.

Pinot Noir

Bogle Winery’s Pinot Noir is made from the best quality grapes bought from different vineyards in the country. This Wine is classic and full of character. Bogle Winery uses Petit Syrah grapes that have an intense and concentrated flavor. Petit Syrah was the first variety of grapes that were planted at the Bogle farm.

Phantom Chardonnay

The Phantom Chardonnay wine produced by Bogle Winery has a rich flavor, and the flavor is a blend of apple pie and spiciness, and the texture of the Wine is creamy. Bogle Wineries also has a website that allows you to experience their wines, such as Phantom Chardonnay in Augmented reality.

You can also download an App, called the ‘Augmented Reality Wine Labels’ to experience Bogle wines in AR. Aside from the cool AR experience, the Phantom Chardonnay is the best variety of Chardonnay produced by Bogle Wineries. Bogle Wineries call their Phantom Chardonnay ‘hauntingly delicious’ because it has a rich and spicy flavor.



Bogle Wineries’ Merlot wine is the type of Wine you can consume every day. The flavor of the Wine is not overpowering; it is aged for a year in oak barrels and can be paired with any type of food.

Is Bogle Wine good?

Yes! Bogle wine is really good; they produce wines with a mix of both white and red wine. The Bogle family also takes great pride in their wine-making.

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The Verdict for Bogle Wine Brand Review

There are many positives about Bogle Wineries; first and foremost is their variety, they produce over a dozen wines, so their production is quite diverse. However, despite producing so many wines, the quality is maintained, and only the best grapes are used.

Secondly, their distribution is quite wide, and their Wine is available in every part of the country.

Bogle Wineries also allow visitors to visit them, enjoy the experience, and taste their Wine. The Bogle family has a rich history of winemaking, so you will enjoy spending time at their Winery if you are a wine enthusiast.

Bogle Wineries also have a much superior wine-making process than any other winery; they pay close attention to technicalities.

Every wine that the Bogle wineries produce is top-notch, and its quality is unmatched. They offer taste tours as well and offer their guests wines from reserve selections. As a result, Bogle wine is truly worth investing in; no other winery produces such a diverse variety of wine.

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