The wine industry is quite large; many businesses are involved in winemaking, so customers have plenty of choices. However, if you are a regular consumer of wine or a wine enthusiast, there is a good chance you’ve heard about Mulled wine. Mulled wine is unique; it is different than the more traditional and regular wine varieties.

The method and techniques used in making mulled wine are different, but the process is quite straightforward. You can make your own mulled wine as well, and you can also get creative by adding different flavors to it.

The main difference between mulled wine and regular wine is that its two main ingredients are spices and warm water. The more natural way of producing wines is by harvesting grapes and then taking them through a process of fermentation.

Best Wine for Mulled Wines

Best Wine for Mulled Wines Guide

Mulled wines have a rich history as well, they are produced in many countries in the world, and their flavor varies. In some cultures, the wine is spicier, whereas, in other cultures, it is less strong. In addition, some countries have a different name for the wine, as in Scandinavia, it is called Glogg. 

Many people like to make mulled wine themselves, and they use ingredients such as cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. These ingredients enrich the wine with flavors and give it an earthy taste. There are endless ways of making mulled wine; it can be non-alcoholic and have mild or strong flavor. The taste of the wine also varies significantly.

Some people also add more ingredients than usual to the wine, as they use different varieties of fruits such as oranges, apples, and lemons. Whole nuts and raisins can also be added to the wine, giving it a deeper flavor and rich texture.

What is Mulled wine?

What is Mulled wine

Any wine whose ingredients are spices and warm water is considered a mulled wine. However, there are many varieties of mulled wine, and it has no consistent recipe, so the flavors vary. Some people add ingredients such as citrus to their wine to give it a sharp flavor. Mulled wine can also be called Spice wine.

Some versions of mulled wine are made by adding red wine; this gives the flavor a boost and enhances the taste. Mulled wine was first produced in Rome in the second century and then spread across all of Europe.

Today the wine is consumed internationally in every corner of the world. Usually, mulled wine is consumed at parties, Christmas gatherings, and during the holiday season in the winters.

How to Make Mulled Wine?

How to Make Mulled Wine

The process of making mulled wine is easy and straightforward. The best thing about mulled wine is that there is no consistent recipe, yes there are some ingredients that need to be present, but you can get creative and innovative with this wine and play with the flavors. Below we have given some basic instructions that need to be followed while making mulled wine.

First, add your favorite wine to a pot.

Choose the wine you often drink but make sure it has a dominant flavor because it will give the mulled wine the same type of flavor.

Add your Favorite Spices

This is the most crucial part of the entire process; fortunately, there are plenty of spices that you choose. You can add spices such as lime, orange spice, cinnamon, and anise to your wine.

Add Sugar or Apple Spice

When you reach this point in the process, your wine would have a good tasting base. You will need to add flavoring, and the most commonly used flavoring is Apple cider and sugar.

Add Citrus Flavors

Mulled wines taste horrible without citrus flavoring, so don’t forget to add that. Usually, people use peeled oranges and crushed peels.

Let the Wine Simmer

Once all the flavors have been added, let the wine simmer. The simmering process is crucial as it will enrich the flavors in the wine and give it a nice texture.

Add Brandy

This will be the final step of the wine-making process, and you must not forget to add. In the end, don’t forget to add brandy, this will give the ingredients and the flavor the extra boost it requires.

Best Wines that can be added to Mulled Wine?

Best Wines that can be added to Mulled Wine

As we already know, wine has a lot of variety; the taste, texture, and flavor vary significantly. Therefore, the type of wine you add to your mulled wine will dictate the overall flavor of the drink. However, it is also important to taste the wine before adding it. Below are some wine varieties that you can add to mulled wine.

2018 Leyda Pinot Noir

Leyda Pinot Noir is a classic variety of wine; it is red wine and is easily available. This wine has a flavor that is rich and mature. This wine will add a lot of depth to your mulled wine. Leyda Pinot Noir is fermented for ten days before it is ready for consumption.

2016 Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi

The Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi is a luxurious wine; it is carefully crafted and fermented and is a red wine. This wine will work well with mulled wine; many consider this wine a perfect ingredient for the mulled wine.

Adobe Syrah Reserva

The Adobe Syrah Reserva is a red wine with a powerful flavor and will be a great addition to your mulled wine. This wine goes through a fermentation process, and the best grapes are used to make it.


This article contains all the necessary information, guide, and tips you need to make the perfect mulled wine. Although mulled wine does not have a consistent recipe, it gives you the ability to be creative, and you can also add your favorite flavors to it.

Many types of red wines work well with mulled wine, so you can also use them as an ingredient. If you follow all the instructions in this guide carefully, you should have no problem making your own mulled wine.

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