I have been a wine drinker and lover for a long time; and I am really don’t have much information regarding the Vinho Verde, so let’s start the learning process together. The most interesting fact that wine drinkers aren’t aware of is it that Vinho Verde wine is very affordable.

 Vinho Verdre wine can be bought at a price of $ 10 or lower. Even though Vinho Verde wine comes in a bottle that has a screwcap rather than a cork, it is still among the high-quality wines in the world.

Best Vinho Verde Varieties


Vino Verde is neither a blend nor a grape; it is the name of a region in Portugal. This picturesque region in Portugal is home to family farms, green hills, and of course, wineries. However, there are various stories about the origin of the Vinho Verde name; some wine enthusiasts say the reason behind the name is the green bottles that the wine comes in.

Other people say that the green mountains and landscape lead to the origin of the name, so the stories vary. The Vinho Verde wine is green, not because of its color, but because it goes through an early harvest and is consumed when it is young.

There are also many types of grapes in the region of Vinho Verde, and each of them has a unique flavor and taste. Even though most origin stories regarding the region’s name are probably false, Vinho Verde has now diversified and has several smaller regions. The climate of every region is different, and the soil is rich.

The region of Vinho Verde has a vast landscape, stretching from the Northern parts of Portugal to the borders of Spain. A coastal city, Port, is also nearby and is famous for its wine as well. Two rivers: Minho and Douro, also run through the region.


culture of vinho verde

Wine drinking is a significant part of Portuguese culture. The wine-making industry contributes heavily to the Portuguese economy, and several farms are involved in growing grapes and turning them into wines. Around 2000 years ago, Portugal was invaded by the Romans, and they discovered that the locals were producing fermented wine.

The Romans exported the wine from Portugal back to their homeland, along with crops such as wheat and olives. However, the culture of growing and harvesting grapes is so strong in Portugal that farmers plant grapes along with other crops even today.

The grapes are usually draped high, protecting them from moisture and exposing them to the cold breeze, which helps them grow. Recently, the government of Portugal has invested heavily in vineyards to modernize them; this has allowed the winemakers of the region to update their growing techniques. However, some farmers still use the old, traditional way of grape-growing.

The most popular wine in the state side of Portugal is White wine; however, red wine is more commonly consumed and is usually drunk in bowls.


vinho verde grapes

Wines produced in the Vinho Verde region comes from a combination of different grapes. Wines typically are blended; however, the varietal variety of Vinho Verde wine is much more popular among drinkers. The wine typically found in America, is mixed with White wine imported from Portugal.

The two types of grapes that winemakes in Vinho Verde use more commonly, are Albarinho and Alvarinho grapes. Even though there are similarities between the two grape species, the Albarinho grape has a more circular shape and is softer.

The grapes have a lime flavor, and their acidic content is high. Another species of grape that is often used to produce Vinho Verde wine is Loureiro; this grape species has a more aromatic flavor, and the acidic content is also high.

The Best Vinho Verde Wines

vinho verde wines

The quality of Vinho Verde wine is generally high; however, there are many of them available in the market, so making a choice can be tough for wine drinkers. The best way to drink the Vinho Verde wine is by visiting the region itself; unfortunately, that is not practical for everyone. Below is a list of the best Vinho Verde wines.

1.    Quinta de Linhares Avesso

The Quinta de Linhares Avesso wine has been applauded for its freshness, as it is made from a species of grapes called Avesso. This wine is a single varietal and is not a blend. However, this wine can be a little costly, going for more than $ 20 a bottle.

2.    Vale dos Ares Alvarinho

This wine is a dry variety and is a single varietal. The Vale dos Ares Alvarinho contains different flavors and aromas, and they are extracted from fruits such as passion fruit, pineapples, and apricot. This wine has a smooth finish, and it is best paired with spicy food, seafood, salad, and white meat.

The fruity flavors of this wine add to its freshness, and winemakers handpick the grapes that go into its productions. This wine is unique because its fermentation process barely takes five minutes.

3.    Estreia Vinho Verde Rose

The Estreia Vinho Verde Rose is a pink-colored wine; it is a young wine, has light-flavored, and offers a refreshing experience to the drinker. This wine can be paired with various food items such as spicy food, Italian cuisine, dessert, and salads.

The best time of the year to consume this wine is the summer. This wine is filled with different aromas of raspberry and strawberry; it is very sweet and is high in acidity.

Summing it up

Vinho Verde wine is one of the best wine-producing regions globally; it has a rich history of over a thousand years. Therefore, the wine produced by this region is exceptional; it is consumed younger than most wines, which is why it is also called Green wine. While Vinho Verde wines are available worldwide, the best versions of this wine are found in Portugal. The color and flavor of Vinho Verde wines also vary significantly.

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