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Summer is drawing to a close; unfortunately, however, now is as good a time as ever to brainstorm ideas for next year’s summer.  Summer is usually that time of the year when people like to relax on their porches and drink wine. So next year, why not visit the New York Long Island Wineries? It offers beautiful coastal scenery, and the wine is of the highest quality.

Best of Long Islands North Fork Vineries

A Guide to the Best of Long Island’s North Fork Wineries

What is so special about the Long Island North Fork Wineries?

The North fork is located in Long Island; it is between Peconic Bay and Long Island Sound. The climate of Long Island is perfect for growing many varieties of grapes. The vineyards buy grapes from each other to produce the wine; this gives each vineyard the freedom to be creative and they use their own methods and techniques to produce the best possible wine.

The wine produced in North Forks contains low quantities of alcohol, usually low to moderate levels. However, the wine still has a crispy acidic flavor; it is full of aroma and is intense.

History of Long Island

History of Long Island

Originally, several Native American tribes inhabited Long Island, such as the Lenape and Montaukett tribes, and even today, some tribes still inhabit the Island. Long Island was colonized by both the Dutch and the British, and after several disputes, in 1674, Long Island was taken over by the British.

Wine-Making on Long Island

Wine-making is relatively new in Long Island; it only started in the 1970s, as several potato farms were converted into Wineries. However, over the past four decades, the vine industry of Long Island has been booming and growing. Winemakers in North Fork use different methods, techniques, and innovations to produce the wine.

Where to stay on Long Island?

Long Island is a tourist hotspot, so there is no shortage of hotels, motels, inns, and luxurious resorts.

There are also Airbnb options available in Long Island that are much more affordable.

How to Travel to Long Island?

If you have never been to Long Island, it could get difficult for you to get to the Island. The best way to get to Long Island is:

  • Take a ferry from Connecticut such as the Bridge-port Jefferson line, Davis Park ferries, Fire Island ferries; they will take you to Long Island.
  • Take the Long Island railroad from Brooklyn or Manhattan; it is reliable and also affordable. However, before boarding the train, check the schedule.
  • From anywhere else in the country, take a flight to John .F. Kennedy or La Guardia; both airports are close to Long Island.

To get to the Wineries

Long Island Wineries

Now that you are in Long Island, how do you get to the North fork Wineries? First, of course, you will need to do some planning, but there are many ways you can get to the Wineries:

Shuttle: There used to be a shuttle service that would take you from Greenport to Riverhead, but unfortunately, the service was suspended in July 2019.

Car Service: There are some luxurious options available such as renting a limousine, but as far as budget-friendly car service is concerned, you can get a tour package. The best thing to do is book an Uber or Lyft for pick up and drop off, especially if you are going in a group; it is cheaper.

Be wary though, some areas in Long Island have poor cell service, so if you notice a weak network signal, ask someone for help. The best thing to do is to book your travel in advance.


Long Island Tours

There are several limousine tours from NYC to Long Island, and the cost varies, as it depends on the number of wineries you visit. If you are looking for a limousine tour, try out the Gold Star Limousine, their service includes pick up and drop off, tour to three wineries, gourmet lunch, and a trip to the Briermere farm.

If you are looking to do a bachelorette party, try out First Glass Wine Tours. First Glass Wine tours offer pick up/drop off, a trip to three wineries, snacks, a three-course gourmet lunch, water, and a gift for the bride.

There are budget-friendly tours as well, such as an all-day bus tour. This bus tour will take you to three wineries; it has a guide and a picnic lunch. This service is much more affordable and reasonable than luxurious limousine tours.


There are several places in North Fork from where you can rent bikes, and they will deliver the bike to you. Just be safe on the road and follow the traffic laws.

Car Rental

You can also explore Long Island by renting a car and driving it. There are many car rental places in Long Island; you can even rent a car in Brooklyn or at the airport and then drive out and explore on your own.

Best of Long Island’s North Forks Wineries

There are roughly ninety Wineries in North Forks, so it will be nearly impossible to visit them all, which is why we have stated below some of the best wineries in North fork.

Baiting Hollow North Fork Vineyards

This vineyard has a themed tasting room and has an on-site horse rescue that started in 2012. This vineyard started producing Merlot in 2002 but now also produces Roses and Whites.

  • Novelty? Horse
  • Picnics? Yes
  • Live Music? Yes
  • Pet-friendly? Yes

Jason’s Vineyard

Themed tasting room and Wine names, incredibly knowledgeable staff that are proud of their history.

  • Novelty? Alpacas and Sheep
  • Live Music? On Weekends
  • Wine Choice? White
  • Pet-Friendly? Yes

Shinn Estate Vineyards

Delicious farmhouse breakfast, wine tasting, and indoor and outdoor seating. You can also take a walking tour and an informative booklet is also provided.

  • Novelty? Chickens
  • Atmosphere? Very relaxing
  • Seating? Beanbags
  • Accommodations? Breakfast and Bed

Sherwood House

This vineyard offers wine tasting, cozy leather furniture, and a beautifully designed tasting room. A chalkboard contains all the wine options and has a shaded outdoor area. The most popular wine is Rose, and they also produce several red wine varieties.

  • Wine Options? Red wine and Rose
  • Grapes? All grown on the site
  • Fermentation? Stainless steel and Oak
  • Novelty? Art Gallery

Booking Your Trip Soon?

North Fork Wineries are the newest region in Long Island and they’re still developing their techniques and unique character.

But already, their wines have so many of the classic characteristics that you would expect from a coastal terroir- maritime notes! It can be tough to get there at first but it’s not impossible.

And once you do make your way out here, the joys await: vineyards on every corner with wine for all tastes! So this summer when things start heating up (literally), take some time off work or school if need be because North Fork has something for everyone waiting just over an hour away from NYC by car.

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