New Zealand is a country that is not just known for its Kiwis but also for its quality wines. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir being the top contenders amongst the popular wines, the country has a lot more to offer.

This country shares with the world its proud history in making some of the most superior quality wines. These wines are delicious in taste and offer the most classic flavors that a wine fanatic can ask for.

review of the best New Zealand wines

One can easily vouch for that after tasting the delectable fruity tones of Sauvignon Blanc and the affordable yet fancy taste of Pinot Noir.

From the very passionate wine culture, here some best New Zealand wines that you can explore to tingle your wine taste buds.

2017 Decibel Malbec Gimblett Gravels Hawkes Bay

2017 Decibel Malbec Gimblett Gravels Hawkes Bay

This remarkable 2017 Decibel Malbec comes from one of the most passionate winemakers in New Zealand, Daniel Brennan. He is from Philadelphia and has managed to create a delectable liquid that is embraced by the taste buds of the kiwis!

With every glass of Decibel Malbec Gimblett Gravels, you will get tones of blackberries, black raspberries, with notes of cracked peppercorn and a hint of plum cake and spice cake. It gives a feel of Rhone Syrah being sinfully crossed with Cahors to deliver a wine so divine.

A deeper dive in every sip will also give you a complicated mix of mulberries, blackberries mixed with star anise, and tobacco.

2015 Cloudy Bay Te Wahi Pinot Noir Central Otago

2015 Cloudy Bay Te Wahi Pinot Noir Central Otago

2015 Cloudy Bay Te Wahi Pinot Noir Central Otago is the perfect choice of New Zealand wine for those who crave those light floral flavors in their wine. The texture of this wine is so succulent and smooth that it layers the palate with grace.

It has a unique taste that brings to you hints of the forest floor, the rawness of graphite, the mystery of five spices is simply to die for. The tannins in this wine are so attractive that they provide a pastry-like finish for every sip.

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It has a bit of earthy aroma to it which brings out the richness of the dark berries and toasted spices.

This Pinot Noir Central Otago wine is a perfect choice for the ones looking for succulent generosity in form of a classic wine.

2016 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay Kumeu

2016 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay Kumeu

The 2016 Kumeu River comes from the beautiful vineyards of Hunting Hill. Established in 1982, the superior quality grape varieties produced in these vineyards have become an integral part of the Kumeu River Chardonnay blend.

With each glass of this fine-quality wine, you will get hints of roasted cashew intermingled with tropical fruit flavors.

This is not some sweet bland wine that you need to spice up with food. The citrusy touch from the acids reduces the heaviness of the winemaking it light and fresh. Every sip will layer your palate with some deep, rich, and complex flavors, which will linger on till the very last drop.

2019 Loveblock Pinot Gris Marlborough

2019 Loveblock Pinot Gris Marlborough

The 2019 Loveblock Pinot Gris Marlborough can be considered very similar to Pinot Noir. The difference lies in their crop. Pinot Gris crops quite heavily in comparison to Pinot Noir, and thus requires a better balance of taste and flavoring.

The source of these grapes for Marlborough is the family-owned vineyards where the crop is grown with affection and passion for wine. This wine has a pale color with hits of golden. It has a layered aroma that delivers the fragrance of both chamomile and citrus.

Every time you drink the Pinot Gris Marlborough, you will get beautiful notes of nashi pear, prosciutto melon, which is followed by a sweet drag of lemon acidity.

Finishing with an amazing taste of wet stone minerals, this is the wine for those who like bold complex Marlborough flavors.

2016 Trinity Hill Homage Syrah Gimblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay

2016 Trinity Hill Homage Syrah Gimblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay

The 2016 Trinity Hill Homage Syrah Gimblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay is a wine that will bring a smile to your face the moment you open it. This wine comes from some experienced wine producers of New Zealand.

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The purity of berries blended with the sophistication of oak provides this wine a very memorable aroma. The bold aroma of brambly and blackberry are followed by the background fragrance of licorice.

The whole bunch fermentation increases the richness of the wine. It produces Italianate tannins that floral in fragrance and adds a delectable taste to the same. With every glass, you will feel a richness in terms of concentration and texture.

Its bold structuring allows the wine to grace elegantly and provides you with notes of flavor you have never tasted before.

2016 Seifried Wurzer Nelson

2016 Seifried Wurzer Nelson

2016 Seifried Wurzer Nelson is a wine that you can gulp down with no shame. It is made by an unusual blend between the Muller Thurgau and Gewurztraminer. These are grown on the northern parts of the southern island and they bring justice to the delectable taste of wine. 

This wine delivers a floral taste with a sweetness of spice and some effusive notes of flowers. You will feel a magical sensation, tingling your olfactory nerves the moment you open a bottle of this beauty.

This wine is a perfect match for those looking for a simple yet slightly complicated wine taste to pair with their seafood.

2017 Mt. Edward Riesling Central Otago

2017 Mt. Edward Riesling Central Otago

2017 Mt. Edward Riesling Central Otago is one highly classy and chic wine that delivers polishing and rewarding flavors. It has an electric taste that provides uplifting tones of green apple, orange blossom, nectarines, apricots, and other such stone fruits.

It has a fruity citrus taste that creates a tsunami of sophisticated flavors in your palate. The texture of this wine is so smooth, and the over flavor profile is truly refreshing. It has grace and elegance in its tasting that gets delivered in every sip that you take.

It has an amazingly focused finish that will urge you to drink more and more till you are a full bottle down.

2017 Felton Road Block 3 Pinot Noir Bannockburn Central Otago

2017 Felton Road Block 3 Pinot Noir Bannockburn Central Otago

The 2017 Felton Road Block 3 Pinot Noir Bannockburn Central Otago can be categorized as the finest and most superior quality wine in New Zealand. The overall profile of this vintage style wine can be called nothing else but seductive.

It is having a beautifully silken texture that flows through your tastebuds seamlessly.

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It has a highly complex depth of flavors. You might not be able to get tones of something specific. It has so many flavors in the running that you will get impressed by the complexity it delivers in every tasting.

There is a little bit of everything in this wine. It is floral, herby, berry, fruity, and citrus, all at the same time, just like a sauvignon blanc. You might also get hints of some earthy flavors that add a savory element to this wine.

The moment you unscrew the bottle you will find yourself transported to a Turkish bazaar, standing in front of a spice stall, sniffing through the rich aroma.

Clearview Estate Reserve Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2019

Clearview Estate Reserve Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2019

The Clearview Estate Reserve Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay 2019 is an excellent wine that came out from the rich produce of 2019. This clean and clear chardonnay has an amazing taste that fits perfectly for a long and dry summer season.

This Hawke’s Bay wine has a pale yet youthful gold hue that comes with a mix of complex and delicate aromas. Clearview Estate Reserve Hawkes bay chardonnay has a beautiful taste of seasoned oak, ripe stone fruits, complements of dried summer herbs, and brioche.

The oak enhances the complexity of the aroma and adds an extra layer of richness to the overall tasting experience.

Final thoughts – Best New Zealand Wines

New Zealand has a deep and passionate history when it comes to wine culture. They are known for producing some of the best and popular grape wines that have been winning the hearts of people across the globe.

But that is not all they have for you. The beautiful collection of wines in this country will make your jaw drop. Every vineyard has something unique to offer and every wine has a memorable taste. Be it fruity, floral, tangy, or spicy, you will be amazed by the plethora of wine varieties you can get in this small land of kiwis.

The deeper you dive into the world of wines the better you will be able to understand the prices, understand more facts, judge the variety and uniqueness that every region offers. This is just a small list, there a gazillion more options that you should explore to know the wine richness of New Zealand.

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