There is nothing like the flavor of a deliciously chilled and crisp wine to accompany a tasteful platter. The wine that you pair with your food, or one that you combine within your food, makes a huge difference in how you experience that course.

Of course, you will have several options at your disposal that cater to your palette, but you can completely transform your meal with the right choice.

Marsala wine, which gets its name from the city of Italy, is one such choice. You can easily get sweet and nutty flavored Marsala wines to drink along with flavorful foods like blue cheese or parmesan cheese, fruits, and even chocolate, or you can get yourself a bottle of dry Marsala wine for cooking.

get the best Marsala wines

Dry Marsala wine is easily available in a supermarket or local stores.

In the case of dry entry-level Marsala wine, it has made use of in the chef’s kitchen to enrich the sauces and give them nutty and caramelized flavors that pair well with poultry and seafood.

Different Marsala Wine Styles

Different Marsala Wine Styles

Italian Marsala wine can come in different styles or levels depending on the types of grapes used and the fermentation level included in the winemaking process. Cooking Marsala wine is often the entry-level Fine wine that has been aged for one year.

Superior Marsala wine that has been aged for at least two years is also sometimes made use for cooking.

Marsala wines aged four years and above, up to ten or more, are typically made use of as sipping wine to enhance the meal. The more aged the wine is, the superior the quality. Superior Reserve, Virgin, and Virgin Reserve are some of the finest quality Italian wines.

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Sicilian Marsala Wine is a tasteful addition that can be used both as a sipping wine to enrich your experience or as a cooking wine to make delicacies such as chicken Marsala. It is a fortified wine with either grape spirits or brandy used for fortification during or after fermentation.

Sipping Marsala wine can be sweet with notes of vanilla, brown sugar, tamarind, and stewed apricots, and it is also used when making desserts. Cooking Marsala wine is used for savory dishes is often dry with a nutty and caramelized undertone of flavors. This wine is typically used to make various cuisine, including pork or beef tenderloin, veal, and mushrooms and sauce.

With this article, let us look at some of the top Marsala that are dry and sweet wines for cooking any dish and sipping both.

Best Dry and Sweet Marsala Wines

Marco de Bartoli Vigna la Miccia, Marsala Superiore Oro

Marco de Bartoli Vigna la Miccia, Marsala Superiore Oro

This Italian Marsala wine is one of the richest and most decadent you will have. Made from a quality West Sicily producer and has notes of oak, chocolate, dried apricot, and caramel. The unrivaled quality of the complexity and depth of the notes wrapped up in the flavor will have you coming back for more.

Once you have tasted this, it is likely any other Marsala wine will pale in comparison.

One of the best in the world, it is a fabulous aperitif on its own and can be enjoyed both at room temperature and slightly chilled. The undertones of cigars and dry leaves paired with the juiciness on the palate is what makes drinking this wine a truly enriching experience.

Facts About It

  • Alcohol Content: 18.5%
  • Grillo grapes are used in the making.
  • Allergens: Sulfites
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Curatolo Arini Marsala Superiore Riserva

Curatolo Arini Marsala Superiore Riserva

This wine can readily be found in Italian wine shops, and though it is technically in the categories of a dry Marsala wine, it sure gives good competition to its sweet counterparts. With a short palate and rich, sharp flavor, this sweet Marsala wine sure to be an excellent choice as an aperitif when served chilled.

This Marsala Superiore was made by aging it in oak casks for ten years and comes out with a rich amber-gold color. It is a soft wine with delicious fruity and nutty undertones.

The grape varietals used in the winemaking of this sweet Marsala are the Inzoli and Grillo grapes from Sicily that lends the wine a full-bodied taste.

Facts About It

  • Alcoholic Content: 18%
  • Winery: Curatolo Arini
  • Allergens: Sulfites

Florio NV Donna Franca Marsala Superiore Riserva 

Florio NV Donna Franca Marsala Superiore Riserva

This fortified wine bottle from Italy is in the category of full-bodied wine dessert wine that offers the palate rich nutty and caramel notes. This Marsala Superiore riserva is made using only Grillo grapes and opens with fruitful aromas of sweet dates and stewed apricots when used as drinking wine.

It gives a well-balanced and smooth finish with the undertones of caramel, white almond, and plums. This Marsala pine will pair well with the food pairing of cheese, chocolate, and even asparagus, depending on your interests. It is served best slightly cool or at room temperature.

Facts About It

  • Alcohol Amount: 19%
  • Winery: Florio
  • Region: Terre Siciliane, Italy

Florio Marsala Dry

Florio Marsala Dry

This bottle of dry wine Marsala from Florio is perfect to accompany your recipes that require the richness and nuttiness of a Marsala wine. This is a classic Sicilian wine, in a dry aperitif style that is made mostly from Grillo grapes with little parts from Catarratto and Inzolia from Scilly.

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The dry wine Marsala can be a perfect substitute for when you’re looking for some Fine Marsala sherry, and it blends well to give creamy sauces for your recipe that call for meat, poultry, or fish prep. It is also an amazing aperitif to be served with fruits and cheese as well.

Facts About It

  • Alcohol Amount: 18%
  • Region: Marsala, Sicily, Italy
  • Color: White

Holland House Cook Wine Marsala

Holland House Cook Wine Marsala

If you are looking for an affordable and basic option to use for your recipes, then this Cooking Marsala wine from Holland House will be a good fit. It is one of the best to sauté with and to add in a rich, creamy sauce for chicken dishes that need a hint of sweetness.

It also contains some amount of salt, approximately 1.5% or about one teaspoon of salt.

The wine lends its nutty and fruity taste to every bite of food and will enhance your meals significantly. Not only can you use it for meat preparation and for sauces, but this wine can also be added to your dressings, marinades, and more.

This dry Marsala wine comes with a pleasing aroma and has a rich golden amber color. You can easily find it in a lot of grocery stores, too.

Facts About It

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dimensions: 10.51 x 3.31 x 2.99 inches
  • Allergen: Sulfites

Wrap Up – Best Marsala Wines

Now that you have some of the best choices for the Marsala wine, Marsala city originated for your chicken or dessert recipes, and for sipping with this article, you can easily make your choice. It is important to remember that authentic wine from Marsala comes only from Italy. Otherwise, it might not be real Marsala wine. Whether sipping or sauteing, Marsala wine, courtesy to John Woodhouse, can truly turn around the experience of both eating or cooking any meal.

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