Almost all the wines, especially red wines, tend to be dry. Dry red wines usually have great flavor with an amazing aroma. Moreover, they are known to be healthy enough for the heart as well. You might have heard a lot about red wines.

However, with the popularity of dry wine rising, there are surely a few things that you should take into consideration before you go ahead and get yourself some dry wine.

Best Dry Wine available in the market

First, there are many red wine types that you will come across over time, but dry wine is one of the most popular among them. We will be discussing a few things about what a dry wine is, the various red wine types, along some of the best dry wine that you can get.

What Is Dry Wine?

What Is Dry Wine

Most of the time, red wine sweetness is very distinct, and most of the time, it is also due to its residual sugar. However, as for dry wine, all this is absent.

Due to the process of fermentation, the entire residual sugar is absorbed in a dry wine.

Other red wine types are comparatively sweeter, and the main reason for this is that the process of fermentation is stopped prematurely, which allows the sweetness to stay. Hence, the yeast’s absorption of sugar content removes the typical flavors and has a relatively different result.

Those are the red wines that are said to be dry. They do not specifically retain the grape sugars due to the thorough fermentation process.

Why Is It Popular?

Why Is It Popular

One of the main reasons why dry red wines are considered very popular is that it is semi-sweet and can easily be paired with any type of food. Moreover, there is a different sensation to it.

Some of the dry red wines are also used for cooking; one of the most famous is cabernet sauvignon. This alcohol can be stored in bottles, yet its flavors can last for a long time. These are some of the top reasons for the popularity of dry red wines.

However, its ability to age well is also another reason why people prefer dry red wine to normal red wine.

There are some ingredients in the dry red wine that can also be found in dark chocolate.

Different Red Wine Styles

Different Red Wine Styles

There are a variety of dry red wine styles. Some of the most popular styles were originated in France, but they have been seen all over the world these days.

Bordeaux Dry Red Wines

Bordeaux Dry Red Wines

The wines have more of a trifle Aroma, and they are mainly a combination of various flavors, including fruits. The Aroma of this wine style is like that of a dark fruit more over due to the high tannin levels age very well.

The taste or flavor of this red wine style is like the mixture of dark cherries and fruits.

This style originated in France, and they have now able to be grown in various parts of America, including California. Under this wine style, there are a lot of great varieties as well Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Most of the time, this wine is mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon. Moreover, they have a distinct flavor, which leaves a taste of cherry and blackcurrant in your mouth. The fruit notes and fruit aromas are what makes it unique.

One of the most traditional styles is the merlot. These also comprise fruit aromas such as of red fruits.  This style is mainly the traditional Bordeaux. Black pepper is used sometimes for the full-bodied storage of the same or for the fermentation process.

However, the second style of Merlot wines does have some sort of fruity flavor which mainly tastes like BlackBerry. The fruit flavors enhance the taste buds from the non-sweet wine which most of the wine producers focus on.

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc

This is yet another grape that is usually mixed with some other style or but can also be used on its own most of the time; this wine has a fruity for floral flavor, which completes the style for taste of cabernet sauvignon or merlot. 

The alcohol content is blended with the taste of fruit and the dryness of the skin is also brought about with the carbon dioxide.



Mel back is considered one of the most popular create a variety that is now found in Argentina even though it originated in France. It has spicy flavors, which are of a deep color along with high tannin levels. 

Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is said to be one of the most popular wines that are blended, and this also has spicy flavors. These are sometimes confused with pinot noirs, but there are some vast differences between the two.



Even though this was originated in Bordeaux, it is now widely found in Chile. It has flavors of cocoa and a bit of spice. The tannins are of medium levels which affect the amount of yeast as well.

Rhone-Style Dry Red Wines

Rhone-Style Dry Red Wines

This is yet another style of wine that is mainly found in France.  The most distinct aroma of this style is of cherries or stone fruits. This style of dry wine also has high level of tannins, which allows beautiful aging. However, it tastes best even when it is young. 

Apart from the place of its origin, its great varieties can be found in different parts of the world, including California America, Australia, and Spain. This wine goes very well with meat that is odd or even poultry, for that matter. 



One of the distinct grape varieties under this wine style is Grenache. This is one of the most popular wine great that is mainly found in Australia and Spain you will be able to get this alcohol in the southern areas of France or even in Spain.

You will be able to get the flavor of either spice or cherry in those specific regions. Most of the time, this great variety is also used to make something citrus based or even sweet wine blended. 



This great variety is known to be the most versatile since it can be grown in any part of the world. Moreover, this flavor is a bit on the spicy side, but at the same time, the wine can be light as well. 

Most of the time, this great variety or mainly found in the colder regions, and they have a beautiful aging process due to the high tannins. The great variety made in cold regions mainly has flavors of tobacco and BlackBerry.

On the other hand, the grape variety that is made in warmer climates seems to have more of a jam material.

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This is yet another great variety that is found in Spain, and it has flavors of black currant and Blackberry as well; and even though it is originated in Spain, most of this blend is found in France. 



This grape variety is found in regions that are of a higher temperature, and the flavor of the same is mainly on the Frooti or light side. 

It can be stored in a bottle for the residual sugar to get more absorbed. It also does have the flavors of red fruit and can be used as a dessert wine as well.

Burgundy-Style Wines

Burgundy-Style Wines

The burgundy style wine is set to be in the top five grape planted all around the world. The flavor has a variety of fruity tastes, which mainly includes Raspberry Cherry or even strawberry. This dry red wine goes well with various meat and mushrooms at the same time it can be found in New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Australia, etc.

Other Dry Red Grape Varieties


This grape variety mainly grows in different regions of Italy. This is one of the most popular options for people who have recently started drinking wine. Like many other wines mentioned above, this great variety also has a high tannin level.

It not only ages well but also have a medium acidity which allows the taste to be even more prominent. 

With time this wine can be made into various other flavors for or other different variety of food or drinks. 


Tempranillo is commonly grown in Spain, and it can blend with other great wines or can also be used as a stand-alone wine. This grape variety is mostly used to make wine that is very sweet. Since dry wines are not naturally sweet, this quick variety must be blended with some other grape to make it sweeter. 

Most of the time, tempranillo are kept in wooden barrels wherein they start getting the flavor of the smoke and lump as they start aging in the same. Hence, they are not usually stored in bottles. This is seen as one of the tactics to mix the flavors for a different kind of wine.


This is also mainly grown in Italy, which has a very strong flavor of black fruit. This great variety is predominantly found in Piedmont. Black cherry is also considered to be a very prominent flavour in this wine.

Some of The Best Dry Wines

Château Lafite Rothschild ‘Carruades de Lafite’ 2012

This wine in the state has a variety of different dry red wines, which are said to have a relatively dark flavor of oak and Leather. This drive wine is of the Bordeaux style and includes Petit Verdot, Merlot, and the likes. The price of this wine is around 347 dollars.

Soldera Toascana IGT- Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2015

This dry wine is made in Italy. It has a rather rich flavor of berry fruit along with some mild mint in it. Although you can purchase the bottles, the price of this wine is around $597.

Chateau Petrus 2018

This is yet another Bordeaux style blend that mainly has Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is a perfect mixture of both high and medium acidity along with the right amount of tannin levels.

The aroma of this wine is rather earthy, and it also has a mixture of labors which includes dark chocolate and fruits. The price of this drive wine is $4292.

Giacomo Conterno Monfortino 2010

Nebbiolo grape variety is very famous for its sorry taste along with its high levels of tannin and acidity. Dry red wine entirely consists of Nebbiolo grapes. The Aroma of this dry red wine is both of oak and smoke more over the flavors of the same are Cherry and chocolate.

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This wine can complement dishes like pasta or any other meal that has beef in it.

The price of this wine is relatively high. The bottle costs about $1640. 

Opus One Vertical Collection 2005

This dry wine is said to be one of the most popular ones in Napa Valley. The color of this wine is mostly purple, which is due to the great skin that it derives its taste from. The flavor of this dry red wine is mainly smoke and dark chocolate, and its main ingredient is black blackberry is well.

This is an old-world wine due to its vintage style and the price of this is around $6495. This is one of the most expensive wine on this list.

Luigi Bosca Icono 2015

This dry red wine is a prevalent one in Argentina. It has a distinct taste and flavor of smoke and cocoa, along with undertones of BlackBerry. This dry red wine is derived from the grape variety that is mainly found in the foothills of the Andes. You will be able to purchase this dry red wine at a price range of $130.

Vina Almaviva 2015

This wine is said to be one of the most old and famous wines from Chile. Along with some of the best blends of the wine and grape variety, the acidity and Cannon levels are completely medium, which makes it less intense than the other wines.

One of the unique flavors of this dry red wine is its blend of gases as well as Blueberry, Which gift of the Aroma of chocolate and vanilla.

The price of this Vine wine is 163 dollars. 

Vintners Black Bream Pinot Noir 2016

A majority of pinot noir found in South Africa along with some undertones of earthiness. The flavor of this pinot noir is exquisite as well as Complex because it is comparatively much as well smooth as the other wines. 

Pinot noir has a combination of fruits that are red, which mainly includes strawberry and Raspberry. It also has hints of black cherry sometimes. The Aroma of pinot noir is mainly that of leather and oak. 

Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet – Shiraz 2013

The name itself suggests that this is a blend of the various great varieties that are found in the southern part of Australia. The reason for its popularity even in bar menu is that it is easy to drink as well. With that in mind, the acidity and tannin levels are comparatively low. It does have a blend of cabernet franc as well.

Moreover, the flavoring of this dry red wine is inclining more towards berry and plum along with the Aroma of vanilla and Oak. The menu price of this wine is $65.

Final Thoughts – Best Dry Wine

There are a variety of different dry red wines all over the world, along with different grape varieties. Most of the time, while making a particular dry red wine, there is a blend of certain great varieties that bring in more flavor and aroma to the wine.

As mentioned earlier, the dry red wine goes through the entire fermentation process, which leads to lesser sweetening ingredients left in the wine. Hence with the help of the great varieties, it brings our different flavors, either fruity or earthy.  Hence with respect to those great varieties, you will be able to choose the specific dry red wine according to your preference.

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