Talking about red wine requires a vast assortment of knowledge to propose uprightness to the sophistication. But wait – how much wine drinking knowledge is enough?

The language about a glass of red wine revolves around its rim and is full of jargon. With varieties and vintages, it takes a lot to decide which red delicacy to pour in the sleek chalice at the hours of life.

But that also brings us to a safe place in deciding which dry red wines one prefers to have. It is okay if you have just started exploring the varieties and searching about vineyards on the internet. It is a mad dash to figure out which one to bring home and relish the glug of sophistication. It is something beyond the ordinary that you pay for!

Best Dry Red Wine for Occasions

Wine lovers know what this simple (sarcastically saying) drink can bring! People from different places might differ in languages, but wine lovers share the love for the same thing – beautiful wines.

If the heading of the article has attracted you, you are undoubtedly one of them.

You belong to the same family where we discuss wine and delicacy, bond, and exchange thoughts, admiring the glass in hues of red. Indeed, they carry secrets of their age!

Today, let us cherish the language of legendary wines and hope wholeheartedly that we all “age like fine wine” – beautiful and exciting! Here is a list of the best dry red wine types for you.

Top 8 Dry Red Wines

Chappellet Signature Cabernet Sauvignon

Chappellet Signature Cabernet Sauvignon

Originating from Napa Valley, United States, the Chappellet Signature Cabernet Sauvignon comprises aging potentials and structures with varietal characteristics. The luxurious wine exposes compressed aromas of cassis, dark chocolate, black cherry with a profuse fragrance of clove, cinnamon, espresso, and cigar box.

To add to the fulfilling meal to enjoy with Cabernet Sauvignon, refined tannins underlines the black current and rick dark berry fruit flavors with some hint of anise, nutmeg, and cedar sides the delicacy to the voluptuous drink.

Chappellet was the very first winery on Pritchard Hill with their first inclination to high-elevation hillside planting. Since its inception, the winery was dedicated to carving the finest quality wines, and Cabernet Sauvignon is one of them. While French Cabs go a bit towards the herbal side and California Cabs to the fruits, it brings interesting taste with currants and cherries and a hint of spices.

For the variety in ingredients, Cabernet Sauvignon holds a unique place in the world of wines. While most of the aged red wines fall heavy on the budget, Cabernet Sauvignon is quite a friendly purchase without you sacrificing the taste for anything!

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Drink with: Pair a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with any fatty meat of your choice. Else, it goes great with lamb, short rib, or a burger.

Louis Latour Chateau Corton Grancey Louis

Louis Latour Chateau Corton Grancey Louis

Latour is one of the prestigious names in the shades of burgundy, with their finest creation Chateau Corton Grancey.

Behind the exclusive taste of the wine is the name Maison Louis Latour, from the Latour family. It is primarily a blend of four Grand Cru Vineyard, namely Bressandes, Perrières, Greves, and Clos du Roi. Another name adds to them depending on how vintage you would like to taste or the region it comes from: Chaumes.

However, the average age of the Corton Grancey is over 40 years. Despite years of age, the winemakers select the best barrel to pour for Corton Grancey.

Every sip of Chateau Corton Grancey details red and black currant, blood orange citrus, dry raspberries, and blackberry fruit with dried red florals, and baking spices, black pepper as underscores.

Drink with: Wild boar, roasted quail or beef, duck “a l’orange”, and mature cheese.

Merlot Red Wines

Merlot Red Wines

Red wines from Merlot are superb when someone is taking baby steps into red wines. Merlot is the second most planted grape in the world and is known for making fine wines.

It is a standard worldwide offering in two red wine types. The first comes the ‘international style’ red wine types, which have high alcohol content and had a purplish ink color to them. Besides that, it gives you an ultimate plum and blackberry taste right from the first sip entering your mouth.

Another style Merlot is produced worldwide is the traditional style or the “Bordeaux Style” of red wine types. Here, the drink is mainly harvested to maintain the acidity content. It produces several medium-bodied wines with alcohol content. The notes in this Merlot style are vegetal and fruity, which does not pucker up for the tannins.

Drink with: Any poultry meat food orders

Pinot Noir Red Wines

Pinot Noir Red Wines

If someone said that all alcohol is bad for health, we are sure they haven’t heard about the best dry red wine from Pinot Noir.

These wine producers make the healthiest dry red wine bottles in the world, but at reasonable price! Although red wine has its natural health benefits, some brands like Pinot Noir adds some more benefits while making them.

Because of the high concentration of resveratrol, Pinot Noirs fall under the group of the healthiest red wines. It is a plant compound that is extremely rich in antioxidants.

You will find most of the Pinot Noir grapes in a cooler climate region. This is because of the fungal infections that are pretty common in cooler temperatures. They bring out the higher concentration of resveratrol that improves heart and skin health when entering your body.

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Now, coming to the taste and fragrance! The Pinot Noir grapes, when young, naturally produce a fruity aroma of cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. As it ages years after years, these grape varieties complex chemically and incline towards the earthier quality.

Drink with: Pinot Noir pairs the best with pasta dishes, fatty fishes, or roasted chicken. If you want a voluminous size, Pinot Noir also goes heavenly with duck, casseroles, or stews like beef bourguignon.

Cabernet Franc Dry Red Wine

Cabernet Franc Dry Red Wine

Alongside Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc is the parent of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. That’s not the limit!! The high-grade grape varieties are parents to Carmenere and Merlot as well.

Having roots in France, Cabernet Franc is associated with Loire Valley and Bordeaux’s right bank.

As a result of the oozing flavor and delicacy, Cabernet Franc is compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. Franc wines got a hue lighter than Sauvignon but have an exceptional green aroma with an outward expression of fruit.

However, the wines have high red fruit aromas and berries with some light color saturation. It is ideal for medium to fair term drinking.

Drink with: It is a very food-friendly red wine to enjoy with any roasted meat and fatty fish like salmon. It is also a great dessert wine besides a fruit salad for breakfast.

Sangiovese Red Dry Wine

Sangiovese Red Dry Wine

Wines get their names from the grape varieties! Full bodied Sangiovese grapes are chameleons in behaving to their surroundings. It alters its genetics to fit the environment they are growing. Hence, Sangiovese grape variety has different mutations all across Italy, resulting in differently tasting red wines.

From the intense tannic and dark wine taste to soft flora strawberry fragrance, Sangiovese red wine has something special for everyone.

This wine has a rich, full bodied profile having Fig, Strawberry, Tart Cherry, Red Plum as the primary elements of taste. Other elements that follow-up is tomato, roasted pepper, leather, clay, brick, smoke, oregano, Thyme, Potpurri, Dried roses, and Tobacco. The wine is high in tannin and acidity content.

To get the most out of Sangiovese Sangiovese wines, just indulge yourself in the rich aroma of ‘Chianti’ before the first sip.

Drink with: Salmon, pasta and pizza, roasted meat or, anything that has tomato sauce in it.

Penfolds bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz Red Dry Wine

Penfolds bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz Red Dry Wine

Bin 389 is referred to as ‘Baby Grange’ because the wine components are left to mature in the same barrel that matured the previous vintage Grange.

Since 1960, this red wine is building its reputation amongst red wine drinkers. There was an ambition behind creating Bin 389. the makers aimed at creating a dynasty of red wines that will bear a specific character that is unmistakably similar to one another. The motive was too successful that Bin 389 made its place in cellaring red wines of Australia.

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Cabernet with Shiraz is the perfect balance to fruit and oak flavors coming to the taste and flavors. Once matured, it takes a bright crimson red color that feels silk to the tongue!

They say that once you lift your nose for the fragrance, you will get the aromas like that of custard layers with port-wine dark jelly along with layers of flaked coconut and cassis; or an alert nose will catch the hint of vanilla powder, or odd-fashioned hummingbird cake with nutty flavors, and darker fruits.

The wine absorbs oak and tannins pretty well but does not demand a dominating presence throughout the drink. Overall, it is intense and substantial, with 57% Cabernet Sauvignon and 43% Shiraz Blend with decent fruit notes and grape variety.

Drink with: Pair it with grilled meats, roast beef, lamb roast, or beef Carpaccio.

Tempranillo Red Dry Wine

Tempranillo Red Dry Wine

‘Tem-pra-NEE-yo’ is the medium bodied wine grape that matures to the most admired, ageless, and sophisticated red wines in Spain and Italy.

This wine inherits the nature of Carignan and the royal structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, which entirely makes Tempranillo a must-experience red wine.

The Taste Profile of Tempranillo depends on the number of years it has spent in the oak barrel. You might find a unique taste in each bottle of Tempranillo, including leather, black cherry, fruits, plums, figs, and sometimes tomatoes. In Earthy Tempranillo bottle, notes of tobacco, cedar, and clove are pretty predictable.

The tannin and acidity level of Tempranillo depends on the process of wine-making techniques. Usually, it gets medium tannin level with low-medium acidity in a full-bodied wine.

You can expect to have high range of tannin levels with visible acidity in Tempranillo wine in exceptional cases.

Like every other wine, it too reminds you of Cabernet Sauvignon concerning the cherry flavors and smooth wine blend.

Drink with: This wine pairs uniquely with any side dish. However, a fully aged bottle of Tempranillo will pair the best with baked pasta, steak, or any other tomato-centric dishes.

The Final Verdict – Best Dry Red Wine

We have introduced you to some legendary wines and wineries, and at this moment, you might want to explore each of them.

It is a love affair between your passion and fine wines. Travel into Wonderland as there are more treasures yet to be discovered because we have introduced you to the refined tastes in the world of dry red wines.

Before we leave, let us agree jointly on what Benjamin Franklin agrees about wine: “Wine is sure proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”.

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