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The rums are mixed, filtered with charcoal, and then set in French oak barrels for a smooth rum that smells of vanilla and caramel with hints of spice. Diplomatico’s Exclusive Reserve, distilled in copper stills and aged for 12 years, is considered one of the best rums in Venezuela, a country that was far ahead of the USA in the rum renaissance. Its distinctive flavors are straight out caramelized banana and toasted tropical fruit, but on ice, McCoy says the rum “comes to life with subtle spices, dried vanilla, and delicate chocolate.” Unlike other drinks like brandy and whiskey, rum is made in different ways. It largely depends on the traditions, the places where it is made and the distillers.

The aroma is buttery and seduces with lots of fruit and oak. As impressive as that growth is, the numbers and spreadsheets do little to capture the depth of the category. But the great variety of styles and the constantly improving quality of the category ensure that there is a bottle for every occasion and price, regardless of whether it is a cocktail hour or drink time. Rum is made by fermenting molasses or sugar cane juice and then distilled into a high-percentage liqueur using column or pot stills.

Best Rum Under Five: Brugal Añejo Superior

Siboney Rum is made from local products in small quantities and is considered an authentic Dominican rum. Matured in oak barrels for at least five years, Siboney Reserva Rum has a sweet taste with notes of dark caramel, toffee and spices with a slightly fruity and a sweet toffee and nutty finish. Ron Barceló began as the dream of the young Spaniard Julián Barceló, who wanted to make the best rum in the world.

Best Dominican Rum

Siboney is something of a boutique producer in the sense that it isn’t too big and its rums are a little hard to find, but it’s worth the effort and price. The Reserva Especial ($ 25) is aged in oak barrels for at least five years and develops a sweet taste of dark caramel, toffee, and spices. Some of my friends think it’s too sweet, but if you smoke a good cigar I don’t think you have this problem. The color is darker than the other rums here and the aroma is relatively mild. Some countries require the rum to be aged for at least a year.

How Is Dominican Rum Made?

Some growers work in batches with stills or through a continuous distillation column. The Dominican Republic is famous for its full-bodied aged rums made from column stills and produces some of the best in the world. The third is Brugal Anejo, made from rums that have been aged in oak barrels for 2 to 7 years. You can recognize it by the golden net around the bottle.

Best Dominican Rum

Julian came to Santo Domingo in 1929 and founded Barceló & Co, where he quickly began producing and selling one of his first rums. Julian tested the local market with various experimental rums up to his favorite product; Barceló Blanco y Dorado were launched and were an instant hit. After Ron Barceló Imperial hit stores, it quickly became the most internationally recognized Dominican rum. Rum Barceló Gran Platino was the first premium white rum in the Dominican Republic made by filtering Gran Añejo to a crystal clear color and at the same time preserve the taste of matured rum.

Diplomático Rum Single Vintage 2005

The Bermudez 1852 anniversary is a celebration of the company’s history, and even the presentation of the rum is vintage. This rum matured for 12 years has a fruity aroma of banana, coconut and some raisins. The taste is a mixture of banana, plum and cherry with a slight hint of creamy vanilla and a long and spicy finish. This blended dark rum from the gold medal-winning Bacardi spirits family is made from four different rums, some of which are up to 23 years old.

Best Dominican Rum

This distillate is often aged in barrels for a period of time, often in American ex-bourbon oak barrels, to give the spirit taste and color. It is cut with water before bottling unless it is bottled at cask strength. Siboney was created in Santo Domingo in 1920 and is one of the oldest rums made on the island by the Alfonso Cochon family.

Rum Capitán Bucanero Reserve 750ml

Start with a balanced aroma of honey, caramel, and dried fruit. The own fruit mix continues on the palate with light woody nuances. On the palate it is smooth and light and the finish is subtly sweet and long-lasting. A more recent expression of Brugal, their Ron XV is a blend of rums that were first aged for three to eight years in American white oak barrels. They then mature in ex-Pedro Zimenex sherry barrels for another two or three years. The result is the perfect combination of dry and sweet with incredible suppleness.

Best Dominican Rum

Only bottled once a year, the liquid in the green glass bottle ages for 12 years. On the palate, the rum is drier than expected and quite smooth. The taste has notes of banana, plum, cherry and a kind of creamy vanilla.

Royal Caribbean Returns To Jamaica

Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21 ($ 42) is distilled in small batches and then aged in oak barrels that were once bourbon for between 18 and 21 years. Velvety on the palate, this rum warms with smoky spices, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, ginger and tropical fruits. The first sip is sweet maple and caramel, but you will gradually absorb other flavors. This blend of 6 to 25 year old Guatemalan rums is made with pure sugar cane honey for a smoother texture. It then ages in French oak barrels that previously contained cognac and is best served alone or over an ice cube to highlight the aromas of toasted wood, spices and dried fruits.

The Imperial ($ 31) is the internationally most awarded Dominican rum and possibly the strongest. I find it particularly suitable for cigar smokers and particularly good for those who prefer stronger cigars. In truth, you would probably notice a cigar taste if you drank the Imperial on your own. The blend is quite smoky, aged between four and ten years and quite complex. There are notes of brown sugar, apple, cooked fruit, Madeira wine, spices and smoked oak. The finish is long with cedar wood and that cigar note that I mentioned.

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