Being fruity, crisp, and distinctive in their oak flavor, there is no questioning why Chardonnays are the most popular white wines. It is also no surprise that people are searching for the best cheap chardonnay wine for their social events.

Even value wines in the form of chardonnay wine are full-bodied and crisp.

While the high demand for chardonnays skyrockets the drink’s price, the demand also makes many winemakers invest their time into chardonnays. Therefore, when you buy a drink rich in oak and fruit flavors, you have a huge variety to choose from.

best cheap Chardonnay to buy

You can find a chardonnay for just about any price you want, from costly ones to value options.

This article lets us explore some of the most popular and best chardonnays at a value price. Even a wine enthusiast with the richest palate will appreciate some of the chardonnays on this list.

9 Best Chardonnays Available at a Value Price

Let us reserve the fancy and expensive wine for special dinners, parties, and occasions. Many people relish a serving of white wine with their light dinner and consuming a $600 white wine everyday doe s not cut it. Therefore, let us look at some of the top chardonnays available at reasonable prices.

Clos du Bois Chardonnay

Clos du Bois Chardonnay is one of the most popular budget California chardonnays enjoyed by any wine enthusiast. Even though it cost a little over $10, it is the best chardonnay in its range because of the exquisite oak and fruit flavors offered in every sip.

The Clos du Bois is an excellent daily wine because of its reasonable pricing, Granny Smith apple tanginess, and the D’Anjou pear with a strong citrus profile. All these flavors and aromas come together in a creamy texture.

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Fermented in oak barrels, this chardonnay has a distant malolactic fermentation. Therefore, the drink has a distant buttery aftertaste and finish to it.

Clos du Bois Chardonnay Pros and Cons

Smoking Loon Steelbird Unoaked Chardonnay

If you are looking for an unoaked chardonnay, the smoking loon Steelbird is your best choice. You can buy this chardonnay for less than $10 at ease, and the flavors it present are unique and vibrant.

With every sip of this white wine, you can expect sharp notes of fruit flavors such as pineapple, delicious golden apple, and melon. Coming from Yolo County, this wine is a 91-9% amalgamation of Chardonnay and French Colombard.

The slight acidity and the fresh creamy texture are very refreshing and relaxing. The persistent finish of a mouthful of this drink feels like a steal at this price point.

Smoking Loon Steelbird Unoaked Chardonnay Pros and Cons

Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay

If you are looking for a bottle of chardonnay with a light oak profile available in a semi-fancy menu, this is the drink for you. The Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay is one of the medium-priced products available for under $20.

Aged and fermented in neutral and stainless-steel oak barrels, the wine has light notes of toast. However, the flavors do not overpower tropical fruit flavors. The green apple, pear, and grapefruit hints feel like after-punches to the subtle wood profile.

The chardonnay is characterized by the way it is made of high-quality grapes but is still available for less than $20. The bottle is great to touch and feels premium on the hand.

Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay Pros and Cons

Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay

Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay is one of the top foreign options we have on this list. This wine comes from the Valle Central region of Chile, and the flavors speak of the exquisiteness only possible from wine from those sites.

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The chardonnay has a rich green apple profile with many additional aromas that bring it to the pinot noir category. The apple notes are accentuated by poached pear, honey, and sour pineapple profiles.

This is available for less than $10; this is a crisp and satisfactory option that cannot be overlooked.

Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay Pros and Cons

Columbia Crest H3 Chardonnay

Made in the Columbia Crest Winery, the 2013 Columbia Crest H3 Chardonnay is one of the world’s top-quality value wines. The notes and hints in this bottle are different from the variety due to the uniqueness they add to the menu.

This wine is lightly oaked and has many subtle yet apparent notes of toast, cream, and apples. Buying a bottle of this chardonnay is the right choice to make if you like sliced apple and grape aftertaste in your wine.

Available for less than $20, this bottle is a great value weeknight wine. Coming from Monterey county, the wine caters to palates developed due to various climates.

Columbia Crest H3 Chardonnay Pros and Cons

2016 Maryhill Chardonnay

In case you are wondering how good chardonnay from the Washington State can be, the 2016 Maryhill Chardonnay is a must-try wine for you. This is one of the best chardonnays from Oregon, owing to the wide palate it serves.

You can find notes of apricot, pear, lemon zest, green apple, and other domestic fruits from California. The creamy and buttery texture and prole are an added advantage making the chardonnay extremely desirable.

2016 Maryhill Chardonnay Pros and Cons

2014 McManis Chardonnay

The 2014 McManis Chardonnay is one of the richest wines on this list regarding the wide palates it serves. It has a humongous personality with rich peach, pear, and vanilla flavors. Unlike other wines at this price range, this one even has notes of toasted hazelnut and buttered popcorn.

Such a wide profile available for under $10 feels like a steal. It is exceptionally well-priced and fermented to create the best value chardonnay.

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2014 McManis Chardonnay Pros and Cons

Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay

Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay is one of the classic value wine choices you have in the market. Made in Australia and New Zealand, this wine has a very different palate from most California wines.

This chardonnay’s character is defined by the strong notes of tropic fruits such as apple tart, ripe melon, and peach. The oak taste mingles with the slight acidity of the wine, allowing the chardonnay to have a full-bodied feel.

The Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay is best served with shrimp, chicken, and grilled vegetables. Available at less than $10, Jacob Creek Chardonnay is one of the best in its range and competition.

Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Pros and Cons

Fetzer Vineyards Chardonnay

California wines are generally known to be some of the best in the market. Wine Spectator rates the Fetzer Vineyards Chardonnay, a product from California, as one of the world’s best California-style wines.

Its citrus fruit flavors characterize this wine along with a pineapple aftertaste. The fruity profile is enhanced by notes f oak and vanilla in the drink.

This chardonnay is one of the best in terms of value, flavor, aroma, and texture. The slight acidity with a complete finish allows for a medium-bodied texture in the drink.

Summary of the Best Cheap Chardonnay

The low-maintenance chardonnay grape vine itself is the major contributor to the wine’s popularity. The high yields of the wine allow winemakers to produce millions of chardonnay bottles in a year. Whether you invest in an expensive drink or a budget one, you are sure to get the oak, tropical fruit, and flowery flavors and aroma you signed up for.

The best chardonnay wines are the ones that help you have a nice time while having an exquisite character profile at a reasonable price. All the Chardonnay wines reviewed in this article meet these criteria. So pick any and enjoy a fancy dinner with white wine on a budget.

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